We just want to make it all sound plain and simple!

Courier Quotes are committed to making everyone's deliveries as fast and as easy as possible. 

Our goal is to have every van, truck, and courier on the road be delivering or collection rather than wasting fuel and increasing co2 emissions driving empty.

We want every customer to find their perfect courier for the perfect price. When a van or truck is running empty, the profit margin is reduced. This means that as the company is running back empty they have to increase the price of the original job to pay for the wasted fuel.

With our website, the courier can have jobs going from and back, Which means the price of the jobs is reduced and the couriers profits are increased.

Our Founders have over 25 years in the transport industry and know how much wasted fuel goes on empty journeys.

They have decided to help fix this problem.

Courier Quotes is the perfect market place for customers and couriers to come together and list and bid on jobs. this reducing empty vehicles and reducing costs.