Boat Transport

However you need your boat transported, Courier Quotes can help. Have you just bought a new boat and need it delivered? Or maybe you need to get your boat to a destination on land? Perhaps it’s too large for you to transport yourself? Whatever the reason, Courier Quotes can help you find a reliable and professional company for shipping your boat at the right price.

Choosing a specialist boat hauler will put you in safe hands; they will know the ins and outs of working with boats, marinas and ports and should help you with all the aspects of the transportation process.

Listing your boat transportation on Courier Quotes and our network of transport providers will quote you prices. You simply need to fill out a form with some basic information about your boat to be transported and you will receive free quotes. Once you’ve received several quotes you’ll be able to compare companies by their star rating and price.


To make a listing on Courier Quotes you only need to fill in a short form with some details about your boat and of the pick-up and drop-off dates and locations. Once your listing is complete you will begin to receive free quotes from different transport providers - some of which may reach out to you in order to understand the required services more clearly so they can know how best to quote for the work.

There are two major methods of boat transportation, and the method you choose will be dependent on where your boat needs to go. If your boat is required to be transported in a particular way, please specify on your Courier Quotes listing.

By road – If your vessel is needs to be hauled within the same country you’ll find that road transportation is likely to be the best option. If you’re moving parts of a boat only or a non-starting boat, transportation by road is your only option.

By sea or river – If your craft needs to be sailed port-to-port then you can hire a crew to do this. Crews should inspect your vessel, plot courses and check shipping forecasts for you.

Once you have received some quotes, make sure you check the credentials and feedback of any skippers and crew hands which you can see by viewing the transport providers’ company profiles on Courier Quotes. If you’re moving a sailboat then RYA or MCA accredited crews are the qualifications to look out for.

With any type of transportation, it’s important to check the level of experience and professional insurance cover that they offer (do not accept personal insurance) so you can make the most informed decision for your individual situation.

Do not hesitate to ask the companies any questions about the transportation process as they will often have a high level of experience.

Finding the right boat transport service can be overwhelming if you intend to compare all the prices and credentials. Larger companies might charge less whereas smaller family run transporters could offer you a more personalised service.

When your vessel safely reaches its destination on the delivery date, your boat transporter should help you with the unloading or docking and may help you with other parts of maintenance and checks (depending on what you agreed). If there are any other services you need help with, these should be specified at the beginning of the process when listing your required service on Courier Quotes.

Either way, it’s important that you check your craft post-transit to ensure that it hasn’t been damaged and ask the transporter about any discrepancies so they can be sorted out quickly.

Once your boat is safely docked or secured you can remove the tape and other securing materials, refill water tanks, reattach batteries and motors or re-rig your sailboat so it’s ready to be used again.