If you’re importing a pet, or otherwise can’t transport the pet yourself, then you need to hire a pet taxi or other licence pet transport service.

When looking for animal couriers and comparing their level of service you should ask three key questions.• Are they DEFRA licensed?• What is their level of insurance?• What experience do they have with my breed of animal?

Different pet movers will offer a range of services. Some may give your pooch the all-inclusive treatment including exercise, food and an air conditioned van, whilst other will offer a simple door to door service, which may be preferable for short distances.


Once you know when and where your pet will be travelling you need to find a transport service able to fulfil your requirements. Searching for and comparing different pet transporters can be time-consuming. The pet move itself can be very expensive as well if you are importing an animal for example.

This is where Courier Quotes comes in; we can help you find registered pet couriers who are already making trips near your route, making it more convenient for you.

Firstly, list your animal move with us. This will allow any pet couriers who are making trips near you to offer you a quote for your pet move.

You can then compare different offers and see the credentials of the companies, you can also ask the drivers questions directly.

When you’re happy with a courier, you can accept the quote and get your pet moving!

Picking up your pet

If your pet is going to arrive at its destination without you, the courier (or you) will need to arrange boarding for it. Alternatively you can have another designated person pick up your animal, (make sure you arrange this with the transporter first!)

If you were importing a rabbit, gerbil or other rodent, it will need to be quarantined for 4 months. You can visit your pets in quarantine if you like, although ultimately it’s down to the chief vet at the facility.

If you were importing a new pet, give it a check over to make sure everything’s ok and discuss with the transporter any issues they have noticed. Any discrepancies need to be taken up with the seller.